Rabu, 24 Mei 2017


I dont really have a gift in baking, but i believe i have a real passion in it.
I failed sooo many time, I even never can make a perfect cake, but I just dont care :D
I love baking

Welcoming ramadhan, and my head is full with idea what kind of cake i should make, I dont care with the new dresses or shoes, but im soo exited to make some cake.

Baking now is harder for me, because of him :D my toddler who love to be around me and messing with everything he gets. its ended many time nor with messing flour or sugar all over my kitchen :D, so the perfect time for me to bake is when daddy at home, hes good in taking care his son :*

these below is my cake list this year, and I hope I could make it all happen :

1. Nastar
2. Katangel
3. Sagu Keju
4. Chocolate cake (something with coco crunch on the top)
5. Putri salju
6. Lidah kucng (optional) 
7. Cheesestick

Thats all for now, now im looking for a good recipe for these cake
one of my fav blog is  http://www.justtryandtaste.com i love this blog soooo much, Mba Endang is the owner, she wrote good explanation how to make good cake for every recipe. but again after I follow 100% the ingredients and steps the result still not as good as her pictures :D , different hand different result :D (ngeles),

Now checking my stock for all the ingredients, will go to shop a bit and start baking.. yeyy

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